Stone Source GB Ltd, based in the heart of England, is a leading supplier of natural and precious stone, with proven experience and a reputation for excellence from specification to installation.

Our team annually visits stone expos and quarries globally in pursuit of the finest stone.  We source stone from all over the world including natural stone from Italy and Spain, and precious stone from Brazil, Turkey, Madagascar, India and China.  We regularly supply:

  • Precious Stone
  • Rock Crystal
  • Marble
  • Granite
  • Onyx
  • Travertine
  • Limestone
  • Slate
  • Porcelain

Our team of project managers and skilled stone masons collaborate closely with interior designers, architects, specialist furniture producers, and joinery companies working on high-end residential and commercial projects.

We take pride in the finest craftsmanship, high quality standards, and the attention to detail expected by our clients.


Services Include
  • Design consultation
  • Direct links to factories and quarries for sourcing material,
  • Hand-picked marble blocks
  • CNC waterjet cutting
  • Assured delivery schedules
  • Luxury fit-outs
  • Turnkey project management

We are expanding our network of international partners and associates and would be interested in discussing projects with specifiers, or exploring different forms of international collaboration.