What is bookmarks and why

Our website has a great feature which allows you the user to keep track of what you like.

It is very simple to use and you the user will find this little tool very useful for sourcing stones for your project.

To learn more on how this works and how to retrieve your bookmarks at any time simply follow the guides below.

What do i need

To take advantage of this nifty little feature firstly you will need to have an bookmark account with us, this is really simple all you do is create an account.

The registration is very brief and we don't need lot of information about you or your company. All you need to provide is your Name, choose an Account Username something that you wont forget to easily, your Email address and Password trying to keep it simply so you wont forget.

Thats all we ask of you to create an Account and your account becomes active straight away so you can start bookmarking the materials you like for your project.

How do i bookmark materials that i like

To bookmark a material please login to your account, then follow the simple guide below.

All of our materials are displayed in a grid view and has this (Add)  symbol on the right of each materials.

Provided that you are logged in to your account simply click this (Add)  symbol and the page will refresh.

If you are not logged in to your user account or don't have an bookmarks user account then this will redirect you to 'Account login' and follow the guide to create new user account.

However, if you are logged in to your bookmark user account then the page refresh will replace the (Add)  symbol with a (Star)  symbol.

This  symbol represents that you have successfully bookmarked this materials in to your bookmark list.



Both materials has the (Add)  symbol therefore none of these materials are bookmarked

This shows no materials bookmarked


As you can see the (Add)  symbol has been replaced with (Star)  symbol and this materials is now in your bookmarks list


How do i access my bookmarks

To access your bookmarks it is really simple all you need to do is the following.

Login to your user account using your Username and Password which you've used to create your account.

We have also given you the option to be logged in automatically every time you visit our website, to do this please tick the option Remember Me.



Now that you are logged in to your user account, you will see 2 options in your Bookmarks module.

1. View Bookmarks
2. Logout - clicking this will exit the user.

Also it has the link to this User Guide for your reference.



View Bookmarks will load your Bookmarks List of all the materials you have previously bookmarked.


Deleting bookmarks

Starting a New Project or Shortlisting the materials you have bookmarked, to remove the unwanted materials simply do this.

To remove what you don't link or not suitable for your current project simply click the (Delete)  symbol this will prompt you that you are removing this item from your bookmarks list click OK and the material will no longer appear in your bookmarks list.


A message will show you which material has been removed, if you have removed a material by mistake then you can also go back to the materials list and re-bookmark the same material.

What now

Now that you have bookmarked or created a shortlist of materials for your current project.

Simply give us a call or email and we can give you a quote based on your bookmarks also we can suggest other materials which may be suitable for you project and this will also appear in your bookmarks list.

To get you quote when you call us on +44 (0)116 251 3600 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and give us your account Name we can then track your bookmarks.

If you need further assistance with your current project please get in touch and our dedicated team will assist and advise you on various materials.